Sunday, 19 June 2011

I'm a Rebel lol

Ok, I admit, I've been rubbish with keeping this up to date haven't I! Lots of interesting stuff going on, some of it newsworthy some not lol.

First off, my skates broke :( ok it was only the lacing holes in the boot but that's not the point - I'd only had them just about 5 months! Sure Grips official line 'oh, we don't recommend them for roller derby' so anyone with a GT-50 boot be aware! However, Skate Bristol were totally awesome once more and I now have some Rebel Invaders! Whoot!

I got to thinking yesterday, I wonder if people are questioning my commitment to derby, yes I may sit out of a few things (like 1 exercise yesterday when my back decided to spasm!) and faff a bit but I am there for every session I can be! In fact, lets look at my usual Saturday shall we? Up and at'em at 7am to leave the house by 8am. Then its a mile walk with my kit to meet up with the wife to get the peasant wagon into Cardiff (30 mins and anything from £3.50 to £5) once there, meet up with ladybrother Jinx and split a cab if we haven't got a lift (£2 - £3 each) then 2-3 hours training depending on our booking then again if no lift off to get a bus back to the city centre (£1.50) by which time we're staaarvin! Then a bus back to the village and a mile walk home with my kit Now also remember that I live in the wonderful land of Wales, our national weather is rain! So chances are I do that getting damp - doesn't that sound like fun!!

Anyways enough faffing from me, back to fun stuff, my new skates! They are awesome (but why didn't I realise there'd be a weight difference? d'oh!) I couldn't tell you exactly what happened on Fridays session as I was trying to organise some stuff which made me late kitting up, leading to anger issues again! I remember we were doing 'wall exercises' and lots of stuff with fast feet which I was crap at as I was uber slidey on my new wheels! I did like the mini scrims we did at the end of session though and made a mental note not to get in Slagather Christies way - the woman is a demon!

Saturday however was a whole different ball game, I much prefer the hall at Eastern and Rhay took us through some fab hitting/blocking drills. I'm still struggling with this so the thought of hitting people while skating a paceline was a bit worrying but I figured as long as I hit one person I'd be happy lol! A few skaters in and I heard Rhay shout "c'mon, use that anger, think of the ex!" and I did, they weren't big hits but I landed them nonetheless! Unfortunately I had to sit the gauntlet out as my stupid back decided to spasm but I was back on track as quickly as I could and carried on with the games including Frogger and Angels and A**hole! alot of skatey fun and alot learned and guess what - a change of wheels and I can now T Stop (little bits of awesome adding up!)

I think thats about it for now, you've probably had enough of my waffling!