Sunday, 4 March 2012

Meh's and other stuff

Hey! Long time no blog - not something I'm going to apologise for, busy doesn't even cover it!  There has been so much going on over at Valleys Roller Dolls my head feels like its constantly spinning.  We've been working hard and our ladies are slowly but surely getting through their min skills - yay!

Not me however :( I am still to defeat the 25 in 5 monster.  Every time I try and fail it cuts a bit deeper, I know I'll get it eventually it's just hard to keep chirpy in the between time, know what I mean? 

So, onwards and upwards, I've been really good at neglecting myself for the last 6 months or so which really doesn't help (you know the old mum excuses "I've not got time to be ill" or making sure everyone else in the family is sorted then doing everything for yourself while washing/ironing etc)  so I made a list of things I need to do including putting my health first for a change - I can't look after anyone else if I'm not looking after myself, right?  Ok so this means a visit to the vampiric nurses (that much blood? really??) and back on the medi-go-round :/ but hey ho, health issues sorted = fitness issues worked on/sorted = kicking 25/5 to the kerb!

In the between time, a quick question for you - how do you beat the derby meh's? sure I've seen blogs about it but what's your trick?  

tile next time I'll leave you with our new league logo to enjoy, We're coming to get ewe!  - love n shoves!