Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Time's a tickin!

Well, here we are Valleys Roller Dolls have secured themselves a fab home and are getting ready to close their recruitment - exciting times! The journey hasn't necessarily been a smooth one but if there's one thing the dolls are full of its determination and enthusiasm. There's been lots of changes along the way, including my name change :D it's been met with enthusiasm and confusion but its veeery me lol. There's so much I could talk about but you know it'd just be my usual waffle trying to remember things, especially as I've attended so many awesome things since I last blogged - Croydon Roller Derby bootcamp, LRG rookie bootcamp and TBB vs Rainy City to name the most recent.

Now I'm back on the tinterwebz I will be blogging regularly, some random, some team stuff and about events I attend. Valleys Roller Dolls are looking forward to seeing some fab South Wales roller derby next Saturday (8th October) as part of the Big Splash festival in Newport so expect a write up and pics, lots of pics!

In the mean time, good to be back

Cath Hulu!