Monday, 10 October 2011

Birth of the Valkyries and other news

Morning! lots to catch up with so thought I'd do it while the caffeine is kicking in lol. First up, there's been a bit of a shake up in the Valleys Roller Dolls HQ - we found (totally by accident) another team had a very similar name to our travel team so after some nice emails back and forth and finding they'd already done their print run, we decided it would be easier to rebrand and make new derby friends than come over as the big B and kick off. It seems like a bit of a blessing as we've gone from one epic name to another and so the Hell Valley Valkyries were born!

We're also having our official registration this week and closing our doors to new 'Greenhorns' til after christmas. The ladies are excited, the coaches are excited and I know I'm definitely excited as so much hard work is starting to slowly pay off :)

This week saw me taking my first session as coach, it was a bit odd but I found switching from Cath to 'Spew Sylvester' helpful even if slightly schizophrenic lol. The session seemed to go really quickly and I was glad to have Jinx'em G there to help explain stuff and demonstrate :) I think I found it difficult as I didn't want to come over as a complete bitch but I didn't want to be too soft on them either - fine line eh! Anyway, the girls did me proud and did everything I asked of them, even the girls who've only been attending 2-3 weeks had a bash. If anyone's got any advice/tips on coaching I'd love to hear them, I'm not going to be doing it that often but I'd like to be ready!

Last weekend also saw 3 of South Wales derby leagues coming together to put on 2 bouts as part of the Big Splash Festival in Newport. Swansea City Slayers were playing Tiger Bay Brawlers B team and the main event was TBB A team vs Cardiff Roller Collective. Unfortunately I missed the main event as I had some things to deal with but the Swansea bout was fabulous! Both teams played extremely well (I can't even remember if there was more than 1 sin bin trip!) but on the day the Slayers just pushed that little bit harder to get the win. Final scores of the day

Swansea City Slayers 79 - Tiger Bay Brawlers B team 77


Tiger Bay Brawlers A team 190 - Cardiff Roller Collective 37

Well thats all I've got to report for now! Til next time ;)